Monday, 3 June 2013

Nail Art Review: Revlon Moon Candy


So it’s been a while since my last post so I’ll fill everyone in. My plan was to work my way through all of my tutorials from the Art of Crochet but sadly my studies took over and I didn’t have the time between work and university. I had also taken up a second job which didn’t help either. But now that I’m finished with my studies I figured I’d return to my old habits and here I share one of them with you today. So I have a bit of a thing about nails! And recently I’ve been buying different nail polishes and experimenting with them to achieve different looks.
This month I came across Revlon’s duo nail polish set, Moon Candy, which I got from boots for £5.99 each! (Normally £7.99). These two colours that I tried are called 210 galactic in navy blue and 230 satellite in burgundy.
Galactic with Rimmel London PRO Matte finish Top coat

I did my usual preparations for painting my nails and applied the base colour. Once dry I applied the top coat which contained these awesome holographic flakes.
 Although it did make a difference to an otherwise flat colour, I still felt that both colours didn’t have enough flakes in them. So I added my own on top. This top coat is by Nail Pop and is available from Superdrug (£5). On the galactic Moon Candy I added Nail Pop’s Pearl Effect – Shade 20 as it created these beautiful blue tones in smaller flakes. On the satellite Moon Candy I added Nail Pop’s Sequin Effect – Shade 24 as I felt that this shade goes well on top of reds, browns, and blacks.

This combination goes well with the galactic but I thought it was a bit much with the satellite. But I do Love this range by Revlon and it is hard wearing with this combo so I’m supper happy with the results ^_^. Hope this was helpful to anyone wanting to buy them.


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Rossco <3