Sunday, 29 January 2012


Well its 2012 allready! and I han't been sticking to my blogging as well as I hoped i would. Too busy with work and uni to even think about anything crafty! Luckily i have managed to squeez in a few wee things. It must be my age, but I have noticed that there are a lot of people having babies. What's that all about? We are still young, and free, and stupid! But on the plus side, the fact that i have been saving any money i get towards my Masters means that I have been forced to creat gifts rather than fork out on them. The cold winter months and the freekish weather has placed one thought in my mind. Blankets! Nothing better to keep people warm and cozy so enjoy the crapy pictures of my busted up Samdung phone :)
This blanket was made for a friend who became the proud father of a baby boy. As a gft I offered to crochet a blanket and asked him to pick 2 colours. Ofcourse I was a little confused as to why he would want red and black in a childs blanket however I went ahead and started. But i came to a blunder half way through. D: I ran out of that shade of red and Sod's Law, the shops discontinued it. So I went back and asked him if white was ok to finish it off and made a comment about the colours. He explaind to me that these colours stimulate a childs developing mind. Cliver or what? I did recall my brother in law doing something similar with my nephew baby wolverine. Fore more info on the matter visit Visual Stimulation for New Borns.

But yes the blanket. Made from double knitt wool using colours of red, black and white. Basically I didn't follow a pattern (well theres a suprise) but it's a bunch of granny squares sewn together with a granny square border.

It's quit easy if you allready know what your doing with granny squares. Here, I realised that I had made one granny square too many and decided to improvise as always and make a little pocket for a dummy or other baby ... things!
I hope it's suitable!

The next blanket was for another baby boy with the more traditional baby colours of baby blue. again i used granny squares to create this peice and sewn them all together. 

The Finished peice!

The only problem i had with this one was that some were down the line of blocking out it ended up quite a bit beveld (which shouldn't have happened) so instead of a blanket it looked a bit on the wavey side. I did still pass it on but only as an extra to the gift I did have. One other blanket that I managed to squeez in during my studies was a blanket for my cousins baby girl. Pink and white tripes of double crochet with bunddled corners. again i didn't follow a pattern as this blanket was very basic.

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