Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Art of Crochet!

So! It's been a long, long time since my last post. That's due to my studies getting in the way of my creativity, but a lot has happened to me since my last post. I moved house! Yes, and I finally have my own room again, meaning I no longer have to put up with the Hobbit :D I am now a student rep as well as my current retail job which I am enjoying both of, and my boyfriend has moved up north to a little place called Hopeman. He has a beautiful little flat by the sea and I am currently enjoying my summer Holidays here with him. Earlier on this evening while grocery shopping we came across this crochet magazine: The Art of Crochet.

 It was only 99p so he decided to get me it as a little treat. when we got home I realised it was the first issue and that there will be many copies released weekly. So like a little kid I was all excited about opening this first issue, and inside it was: A tutorial DVD to get you started, two balls of wool (red and biscuit coloured) and a UK size 4 hook. The magazine has free patterns in it and intends on revealing a pattern for a vintage blanket on a weekly basis. So I gave it a go after dinner and was pleased with the results. As someone who had been crocheting for a while it was easy enough to follow the patterns but I do recommend this magazine for first time hookers and the DVD was excellent at showing the various steps required for starting out. I have taken it upon myself to purchase this magazine weekly and follow the weekly pattern guides on the vintage blanket and try out any of the other freebies that come along with it and keep the Blogg up to date with my progress. Wish me luck!

P.S check out the picture from my first square. It consists of 24 chain, dc,tc,dc,tc, and so on, to make a plain square that measures 13cm.


The Art of Crochet

The DVD tutorial


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